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RS 2000 Pre-roll making machine | Rolling Solutions USA |

Technical Specs and Features

  • Made in USA
  • Voltage 110V ~50HZ
  • Compressed air 90 PSI at 8SCFM
  • Up to 1800 perfect pre rolls per hour actual speed may vary depending on material density and strains
  • RS 2000 is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism
  • Compact foot print, fits through most standard doors
  •  Dimensions are 33x33x48 inches high
  • Operates with a king-size filtered cylindrical tube with an overall length of 84 mm and filter lengths of 14-20MM however 20 mm is recommended
  • No tube no fill
  • Adjustable weight and compaction settings
  • One man operation
  • Plug and play
  • Any color of paper can be used
  • Easy to make weight changes/adjustments
  • Self-Intuitive built-in help menu
  •  Low waste level
  • On casters and can be easily moved without need of dedicated equipment
  • Modular assembly makes servicing a breeze
  • Very easy to clean

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Fully automatic pre-roll-making machine | RS 2000 | Rolling Solutions USA